My first astrology lesson was midnight, on the slopes of a sacred mountain. I listened in the cool dark, under the shining lights of the sky to the stories of the constellations & their influence on our small lives. Half dreaming, half entranced, I watched the stars spin and learned how they move us in their endless dance. In the months & years that followed I read the stories, studied old books & new, spoke to wise & not so wise folks and drank in whatever I could. And then I was thrown into life, lived, suffered, rose up, continued, began to heal and continue to work at awakening to greater peace, joy & love. 


Over the years, working with others, my own practise flowered. I found - perhaps having made all the wrong choices - I had a knack for empathising, hearing out, giving warmth, encouragement, laughter and a safe place for confessing the burdens of the heart. And as each person shared her journey with me, I learned more than I could learn in my life alone, and reflected upon it, folding that wisdom shared, into my bundle until another might have need of it. Truly, I have learned as much from those who've come to work with me as I have given them; and every person's openness flows into this work as it is now. I read astrology, tarot & do mythic work to help seekers reconnect with their place in time & the cycle of their lives.


This is not prediction or fortune telling, but a search for meaning - guided by your own inner wisdom - and my reading of what the current alignments mean, finding the right story, the right answer, the right path for this time. You can work with me in person with an individual consultation or a written work based on your questions. You can rest assured, what we share and work through remains in the space we have created for healing & release in the time we work together.

Asha Astrology