12 Houses of Heaven Layout

Tarot on a Saturday. ..

12 Houses of Heaven Layout: Each card shows an area of your life & clues as to how to solve your situation or how it will play out. It takes about an hour to unravel the mess of fate and weave it into something you can use. Need to make sense of your story before we rush headlong into 2015? Come sit with me this week.

Got your own cards? Take your deck and lay in a ring of 12. Start at the first card:

1. Who you’re being right now and how others are seeing you 2. What you can rely on, the material stuff you have to work with 3. What’s messing with your head 4. What’s at the root of things 5. Who you’re loving 6. What you’re working on 7. Who you’re dealing with most (and how that’s working for you!) 8. A secret only you know. (The card closest to your chest) 9. What you’re aiming for 10. What you want most of all 11. Who you’re hanging out with 12. The piece that makes sense of the first 11 cards.

Now weave all the cards together into a narrative, work it through til it flows. Tell yourself your future by stepping outside of the old stories that have been sticking to your feet. The magick, the trick of the cards, is turning the pictures into a story book about you. Then, you might just discover what the main character – You – is really up to! 😉

Cards from the Jodorowsky/Camoin Marseille deck


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