2 Card Trick | All Work & No Play?

Good friends are powerful allies. The 4 of Wands is a card of warm, strong relationships, especially  those involving  more  than 2 – friendships, colleagues, life-mates… Having woven  together  a pretty good idea of where  you all stand you can join forces and just enjoy the buzz you feel in each other’s  company. There’s  a certain amount  of trial-by-fire that  close friendships have to go through periodically. These fires burn away the crap you don’t  need. If you’ve  got something  solid it always comes good. The time for working stuff out is over  and it’s  time to laugh, celebrate and go and DO things. Friendships are about adventures and camaraderie first and foremost. Don’t  let the ‘stuff’ make you forget  that. 

The  3 of Coins channels all that playful energy into renewed interest in work or practical projects. Coin cards are about  the material world; how we Make stuff Real (the theme of this week’s  full moon!).  The 3 of coins brings all the warm enthusiasm of 4 of Wands into the work at hand. Time to make a big dent into the huge project ahead of you. You’ve  got the support you need should you need  a pep talk to keep going a little further down the road. There is no  better time than now to make your vision real.

As you get stuck into your  work remember the old adage “all work and no play makes Benny a dull boy” It’s all about the balance. Don’t  let interpersonal stuff distract you from the simplicity of reality…don’t  work so hard you dry out and  forget how.to have fun. Friendships  for fun. Work and projects for headstrong ambition. 💕 Asha Maria

4 of Wands  – Venus in Aries (Laughter & Relief, Strong Friendships) 3 of Coins  – Mars in Capricorn (Joyous  Work, Ambition) 4 + 3 =7 balance of matter & spirit, working together dynamically.

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