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10 of Swords & The Devil XV

The 10 of Swords brings the absolute end of things, especially illusions. They are the painful realisations. With all our grievances gathered in one place it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Swords are the difficult things, sharp, cold, unyielding. They are the sorrows that test us & compel us to take up our power and use it to defeat opposition. Did you notice that in this card of complete ends all the blades of the swords are fixed to the ground by the 2 points of the uppermost swords? (The 2 of Swords is called Peace). Even seemingly irredeemable situations, at their end, bring great relief. The 2 swords deftly pin the other 8, turning them from hurt into a steady framework for something new. Can you see the flowers blooming at the base of the card? New life is coming, blossoming – but only when all the swords are disarmed of their sting. We must shatter our illusions of control. Words and thoughts aren’t things. They are distractions that eventually collapse in on themselves.

The Devil card is one of the least understood and most feared cards of the Tarot. He represents mastery of or enslavement to the lower passions ; pure drive, primitive instinct. He reminds us of those parts of ourselves we are still enslaved to – those things we cannot resist, our animal life. He forces us to face our lack, weaknesses and failures. To take a balanced and pragmatic view of our talents and limits. And in facing the “base” part of ourselves we release ourselves from fear and judgement, shame and excess.

Let the Devil master you and you will be chained to him by your self loathing and self denials.  Accept your shadow along with your light and you will cut those bonds of fear.

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