2 Card Trick | Fortune & Warmth

The Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter) Ace of Disks (Growth & Warmth)

The wheel makes another turn to reveal a happy, steady warmth. Once upon a time we called these days “boring”, now that we are wiser we say thank you and rest as much as we can. Today lie in as late as possible, eat, walk, move slowly in delicious enjoyment of your physical existence. Sensation is sensuous. If you must work slow as much as possible, there is a moment of rest there, I am sure.

The Wheel of Fortune shows the lightening bolts of the gods striking our human fortunes. The wheel spins, generating the vital forces of fate, fortune and destiny. Today is a day of development, steadily building after a period of intense forward movement. Use this rest wisely – rest your body, your heart from overwhelming feeling, your mind from too much sparkly-sharp thinking. Enjoy the steady hours deeply. They will sustain you through the more exciting periods of creativity, your rest nourishes you during the times when the old must be pulled away.

You may have to work but you may still be able to cultivate one of these: Rest for the body – eat and drink enough Rest for the heart – leaving feelings til tomorrow. Rest for the head – avoid analysis or evaluation Rest for the spirit – be a mundane, simple soul just for today

Enjoy your rest darlings – comment and let me know what you did…or didn’t do. 🌟🌟💛🌟 love Asha Maria

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