2 Card Trick – How to Read Tarot

The 2 Card trick is a very simple reading a friend taught me very early on in my esoteric adventures…

1. You’ve got 5 minutes to read or you’re new to tarot … so keep it simple. Sometimes the best readings are short layouts like this one.

2. Shuffle. Think of stuff or not. When you are ready turn over the top card. (Ignore reversals if you prefer, especially if you are  a beginner – it gets too complex otherwise)

3. The top card shows the situation.. Look at the card image and the name or numbers. Think of any stories/related concepts you feel are connected to the card. Does it feel open? Blocked? Warm and friendly or confusing and uncertain?

4. Turn the deck over. The card on the bottom shows how you can deal with your situation, a way to approach anything that turns up today or even something to avoid/transcend if the card is bothersome (e.g. 5 of Swords…gossiping, engaging in petty battles. 7 of Cups, daydreaming rather than making choices etc.)

5. Make some notes in your tarot journal. Add to it during the day and if you have time reflect on how you saw this story play out. Look up the card meanings later in the day. This is a sure fire method to learn tarot and use it effectively, and to get familiar with the cards.

Here’s my interpretation : (I’ve been doing these on Instagram lately so follow @theexistentialastrologer to see what I’ve been up to)

1. The Wheel of Fortune -X – Trump Card. (Jupiter)

2. Page of Wands – the seed of Fire

The Wheel of Fortune spins commencing a new cycle in your evolution towards whatever it is you think you’re doing. The Wheel never stops turning. One in, one out they say; as one is born and another dies. Same goes for relationships, jobs, philosophies and any other stuff you think is a certainty. All of life is constantly cycling through new stages of growth, establishment and inevitable decay. This card arrives to tell us that the Wheel has moved again. Something is coming…something is developing and something else is passing away, “grist for the mill”.

The Page of Wands encourages you to see this – whatever it is – as an opportunity not a problem. The Page of Wands is always encouraging, she tells us that news is coming about our situation. She advises us to approach the situation with “beginner’s mind” – keeping our focus simple, look at the present and take joy in achieving that task. A new spark of interest or an idea that changes your direction. Starting from the beginning again to find a solution.

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