2 Card Trick | Let Down Your Guard

The Page of Swords stands ready, sword drawn and he waits direction from the Lord he serves – is the sword needed to fight or defend? Or perhaps his Lord does not wish to fight, in which case the Page will safely store the weapon until next called upon. The Page of Swords represents the reactive, undeveloped part of the psyche…always ready to fight and defend. You are the Sovereign and he must work under your direction. You must master this part of yourself or he may get ideas above his station and seek to rule in your stead

Do not let those parts of your nature that are meant to serve you take your power from you. Like the ego, the Page has his place – a loyal servant, ready to help you when you call, armed and sword drawn. The Page is not equipped to rule your Kingdom. It takes a lot of work to restore the peace if he gets out of hand and starts making decisions on your behalf.

The Page is wary of anything that might weaken you or his importance in your Kingdom. He probably got that way because you needed someone to watch your back. Which is great but now you know what you need, have better boundaries and are tempered by those life experiences that are called “character building”.

But now he needs to step the heck down. It’s time to melt into Loooove. Not romance..but simple and abiding love which includes lots of safe space & a healthy dose of trust. The 2 of Cups presents all kinds of loving connections …a complete softening and moving into a new phase of peace & delight with friends & lovers.

If you’ve had to defend yourself, guarding your heart, wary from a history of hurts & wars make sure that you master the Page of Swords within. Don’t let him keep you so on guard you can’t let love in – or you push it away, causing conflict in some new, sweet circumstance because you can’t control it.

Remember your Page serves YOU not the other way around. Then he will remain by your side, sword at the ready should you ever need it again. And when we remember we are Sovereign over ourselves & our lives you will find that your Page has very little work to do at all.

♡ Asha Maria

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