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It’s easy to fall madly in love… If you’re lucky enough to have your passion returned in kisses you may find yourself madly love drunk. To feel connection sped up by sweet affection is an ecstatic experience. For some it’s as terrifying as it is thrilling, so we avoid it and say “I am unattached” and go back to the meditation mat. Others are hooked on the intoxication but don’t know what to do next as they rapidly acquire tolerance to the new drug. In all passions there’s a point at which we feel exhausted with the drama of romance. Taxed by the very sweetness which seemed to sustain our life moments before. Falling in love is precious but not so rare. Staying in love is much more challenging. If love is to last & stay healthy we have to skillfully cultivate it. Cultivating love includes making space for you & boundaries that protect you, your beloveds & the relationship itself. Romantic love draws from a limited source, it’s personal and finite. Love has to have something deeper to draw from. If you keep drawing from a closed source without putting anything back in, you run out. When we run dry, we can’t deal with the needs of others, we struggle to be generous. All those sweet things quickly become annoying as hell. Ego starts to have a kick. “Why should I have to!”.. but Soul answers…”because I love”.

 We must take space to cultivate love if we respect the other person and our own need to deepen and develop within the relationship. We have to bring love to the relationship not see it as our source of love. Temperance shows us that our Soul (the Angel) has boundless love, the 2 jugs of water flow back & forth endlessly. This dynamic tension is maintained with skill & wisdom – love as a process, a fundamental principle of life, not a goal to be achieved or a thing to possess. It requires wisdom, deliberate action and skillful cultivation. When we make space for Temperance the sweetness of romantic love (2 of Cups) flows through us rather than out of us. How do you cultivate love?

We each have a love nature, a love sign – like your star sign – that shapes and expresses who you are when you are in love. That’s right – just as you suspected when you are in love you ARE different. An aloof Aquarius can turn to a sentimental, syrupy romantic – if Venus was in Cancer at the hour of her birth. Whether you use Astrology to understand how you can love better and more satisfyingly, or you look at the cards these ancient methods work. Book a session with Asha here.

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