3 Brothers – Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto

Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto – Michaelangelo

Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto by Michelangelo

3 Brothers: Jupiter, Neptune & Pluto. The Lord of Heaven, the Lord of the Waters, The Lord of the Underworld respectively. Hellenic and Roman myths tell how the 3 brothers – all sons of Saturn – fought to establish themselves in the Kingdoms of the Sky, Sea and Underworld. Pluto is generally given to be the loser and have a chip on his shoulder consequently but he gets Persephone in the end – he also gets to punish everyone according to their deserts, which sounds like a pretty good God job.

In Esoteric Philosophy & Astrology

Jupiter – luck, justice, expansion, optimism

Neptune – dreams, feeling, mysticism and religious sentiment

Pluto – violent transformation, judgement, the End, Resurrection

In Tarot

Jupiter – Trump XX – The Wheel of Fortune

Neptune – Trump XII – The Hanged Man

Pluto – Trump XX – The Last Judgement / The Aeon

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