A Love So Sweet: Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer loves by caring, softening your hard edges, gently washing away the parts of you that defend against her mighty beauty. She woos you with romance and nostalgia for a long past love that is yours and hers. She makes a gentle place for your heart to rest. She loves with the endless patience of Motherlove. She doesn’t turn up because she never leaves. Venus in Cancer draws you into her beautiful arms and holds you as you weep and then fall into a nourishing rest. You dream of connectedness, hearts that know and don’t speak. She brings trust and faith that love is kind, gentle and deep. Venus bears her love light in the constellation of Cancer until August 1. Honour her at the seashore, listen to nostalgic favourites, watch Devdas (the most romantic film ever) and cry like crazy. Let the tears out and let love in! 💙 Asha

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