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Hello friends! My country is in the ravage of a bushfire emergency while the ‘government’ blames everyone but their own greedy actions. They entice us to join their debates about the humanity of groups in our community, the truth of established science & knowledge of the Indigenous custodians of this land and people working on the land. With Jupiter now in Sagittarius I am in a MOOD about all of this and our place within it.

It can all feel overwhelming, frustrating, rage-stroke inducing…in these times we can find solace in strengthening our communities, bringing our love & anger together as a radiant force for justice - because this anger is just. For those who are too tired, find certainty in your values and be gracious with yourself - allow yourself to commune alone with your sacred. It is OK to refuse to engage with the noise - bide with what is noble & good. Self-care & rest is also an ‘action’ and an important practise in these times or fear, despair and injustice.

More & more the algorithms and economic structures that attempt to ensnare us simplify matters into binary divisions. Platforms that encourage speech which never resolves, but feeds conflict, adds to the noise, clicks, heat in the machine. The surging waves of rage, outrage & stupidity that shift daily, tempt us to step through the mirror of our screens and play in the illusion, to dissipate our energy for action into 100 small actions that eat time, creativity and vitality. Distracted, these powers try to make sure we will not be able to enact change that will benefit us as a collective, split into the illusion of individuality or opposing causes. These games of distraction are an old tactic that keep rulers on top and the people divided & exhausted. Don’t let your passion & vitality be hijacked to generate ad revenue. We have far more important things to do!

If you’re feeling helpless you can choose one small thing that says to yourself, "this is what I am doing, and I will do what I can, I will save my power for when I can act, the right moment to speak, the strength to protest". But I will not despair, I will not hate my neighbour, I will protect my being from helplessness and I will defend what is good, noble & true.

For those who may just be awakening to the present crises, search your heart, listen, learn & begin to adapt your life in keeping with the better world that you hope for. People in privilege have great power for good, whether your resources are your class, financial or having physical energy - it’s time to put them to work for the benefit of all.

To make your way through the strange energies of these times, consider your mental energy, your joy, your peace; as resources to be tended to and conserved as wisely as water. This has been Saturn's hard lesson in Sagittarius - you have ideals? If you want to achieve them you're going to have to get wise at managing what you have! Jupiter joins him now, bringing blessing & hope - he refreshes our spirits, brings us the energy we need to bring vision and wisdom to the present circumstances. We've been hard at work learning how to stay grounded in what matters. Now we can make those visions manifest for real.

Despite the evidence, I have HOPE. Hope because we are capable of acts of stunning grace, wisdom & courage. Jupiter’s transit to his own sign heralds an opportunity to push back, to pull things in the right direction. Saturn, Pluto and South Lunar node are in Sagittarius and have been shaking up our faith in our values & dimming our natural tendency for joy. But this is only part of the process of this cycle - if we forget to bring Jupiter's wisdom and blessings to these tumultuous times - we are checking out halfway through. Work from yourself, outwards in a spiral, reaching out further as your courage, resources & confidence grows.

It is time to rouse ourselves from our sleep, exhaustion, ennui to act where we can & be joyous withal. Our world has faced catastrophe - both man-made and natural- before this time. Those who rule & exploit have always done so - so never mind them, we are greater in number & love and no action is futile. Hope wed with courage is powerful. You have power within the scope of your life - whatever your limits - to be righteous and to live with joy. Let's get to it!

November's Astroweather:

It's been a little minute since I wrote so this is a detailed post! Read in pieces or over time. Enjoy xo Asha

Mars in Libra until Dec 24th - Ruler of Libra, Venus in Scorpio until Nov 21.

Mars now in Libra is forced to temper his power. Mars is an agitating force - he likes to act directly. Libra requires balance, gentle adjustment & harmonises conflicting energies. We can avoid frustration & hurtful conflict by channelling this energy into a strategic approach to our most important long-term relationships. (Consider where Libra occurs in your chart to understand where this will play out.) His presence in Libra helps us forge alliances, make peace in our relationships by thrashing out new agreements - especially with spouse or the significant ‘other’ in your life - and working together to conquer obstacles.

This is a good time to look at the strengths & weaknesses you bring to your relationships, create a strategy to deal with shared resources - such as energy, focus, income - and work with the differences to achieve shared goals. For some, this is a time when boundaries are delineated. Boundaries make space for the sweeter aspects of the connection to flourish and the messy stuff to be identified and managed responsibly by the individual, not just thrown carelessly into the cauldron of the relationship. This is not an easy period for relationships but it can clear distractions away and tackle difficult problems if you work wisely.

Mercury’s retrograde in Libra until Nov 20/21 is adding confusion to the mix; do take care especially in arguments because we can speak too harshly or dig up things that don’t actually matter to deflect from necessary, healthy renegotiation & peace-making . In business, you will need to take great care with partners and paperwork until Mercury is direct on November 20/21. (Give yourself a few more days after the retro ends before things will straighten out a bit.) As Mercury goes direct any mental back & forth will give way to synthesis, so relax, reflect and let the tide carry you where you need to go.

Venus has been in Scorpio in Oct/November and she doesn’t do well here - her soft, generous nature is forced to into emotional depths that sting and bring up old aches. Although Venus and Mars are exchanged in each other’s signs, the energies are clouded and romantic matters can be particularly painful, confused and intense. Money matters suffer with a lot of expenses and little in-flow. Tensions around shared income can mar sweet moments with loved ones. Venus clears Scorpio around the same time Mercury turns direct, on November 21, entering Sagittarius. She will transit Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu & Pluto and despite her progress past these big players - she gets us to lighten up and get into a positive frame of mind in time for the holidays. Passions heighten, flirtations abound, unexpected opportunities in many areas of life are all in the mix, changes in finances (especially as Jupiter and Venus align) with potential for new adventures, insight & solutions flowering everywhere. December will be an odd month for us all - bringing lots of possibilities & distractions complete with a solar eclipse on Dec 26. It will take until Saturn enters steady Capricorn late January before any of this will make sense and begin to manifest - stay open and be ready to flow with the changes for best results. (More on the December/January eclipse cycle soon!)

Jupiter in Sagittarius, in Mula star

We’re beginning to sense that new Jupiter in Sagittarius energy - taking up where we left off in April. Jupiter began retrograding in April 2019 and ended up in a tricky spot in Scorpio for most of the year. When considering the planetary tides, we look to Saturn and Jupiter for the greater cycles of our lives, Saturn makes us deal with reality, karma & keeps us accountable - usually through imposing limitations we would rather reject than accept. Over time, we get better at understanding Saturn’s action and instead of raging against the weight of the Universe, we learn to find comfort in the limits and grow strong within them.

Jupiter helps us expand our consciousness - he can bring material blessings but he mostly works on our insight, our intelligence - he helps us connect with the eternal self via our awareness. Jupiter moves steadily, in stately progress approximately 12 months to a sign. Despite the difficulty of his retro back into Scorpio this year - he has brought to a close a long cycle of almost 10 years (when Jupiter and Saturn crossed the last gandanta point, Ashlesha between Cancer & Leo.) We find ourselves ready to reflect, synthesise and transmute the lessons of this period while Saturn helps us structure our lives to fit with the spiritual insights Jupiter has revealed. Self-doubt diminishes and we approach the end of the year with a renewed confidence and peace with our spiritual/philosophical perspectives.

Many of you will be experiencing a renewal of faith & hope. Let is wash over you, accept that blessing, but don’t feel you necessarily have to ‘do’ anything about it - we have an eclipse cycle in December/January - changes are coming so best not to kick any plans into gear just yet. Meditation, ritual practise or any higher learning are especially supported during this period. I'd love to hear how you are refreshing your connection to your inner life - let's support each other to foster an inner richness we can then radiate out into this world.

with love Asha xx

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