Ace of Cups – Overflow My Heart

Venus in Libra and Full Moon in Pisces mid-week brings gentle, heart opening vibes after a bumpy week just passed – full of tension generated by Ketu, Mars and Saturn. Begin clearing, refocusing and that heartening ready to fill up like the Ace of Cups, Ace of Hearts. The Holy Grail, The Cauldron of Love and Life before our Full moon in Pisces, September 25.

When the Ace of Cups arises we exhale, relax and surrender to the sweet waters. We trust, having faith in the beautiful mystery of life; that we are here at all, and the miracle of love, kindness and beauty that life is. She appears and we know, love is coming – love even greater than the sweet dizziness of romance – connection to the Source. The Chalices are the suit of hope, faith and love. Drink deeply first, let yourself fill up, so that when you see other worthy souls, parched and dried by the travails of existence, you can raise love to their lips and heal them too. Remember, those who love, devotedly, to nourish yourself so you may nourish others. Do not waste the holy water washing the feet of the careless, cruel or fickle. This magic is our responsibility as much as a gift. As you drink from the waters of life, pray. Pray that your heart will expand to hold more, pray that you can stay connected to the flowing source, pray that you will give it wisely.

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