Ace of Cups – The Lord of Love

The Origin of Love and Pleasure. The force of Emotional Fulfilment – but the seed only. You have the power to bring love, pleasure, passion and joy into your life or give it to another – but you must take that power and put it to work by expressing the force through the following numbers, 2, 3 etc onto 10 (2 of Cups, reciprocation, 3 of Cups connection with friends etc). Until the Ace is manifested through a smaller filter, a smaller card, the force it brings remains in potentia. When reading look to the cards around it to show how you might apply this power effectively to achieve your goal. You have this power on your side, now work to make the most of it. May you feel love.

○ A loving heart ○ Giving endlessly, for connected to Source ○ Forgiveness ○ Fertility and sweetness ○ Sweet connection and emotional fulfilment ○ A time to enjoy and express deep feeling ○ The Holy Grail ○ Sacred Mother (the Wellspring)

♡ The Existential Astrologer ♡

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