Aquarius in Love – Venus in Aquarius

You know your Sun sign right? But what about your Venus sign? Your Venus sign shows your romance and love nature, how you seduce and charm, beguile and intrigue. The placement of Venus also represents what you look for and what pleases you when it comes to romance. If you’re an Aquarius this explains part of your approach to love and romance.

Venus in Aquarius – Aloof, eccentric & a true friend, Aqua Venus loves everyone, is friends with everyone and loves humanity in general. She can be a little aloof, she is not soppy and does not express commitment in a traditional way. Friendship is the Holy Grail of Love for this one. So when she says you are her very best friend this is a good sign. Unlikely it is a sign she isn’t really that into you. Except she is so aloof it can be hard to know. You may have to alert her as to why this is a problem for you, that you need clarity on whether you are friends only or friends and romantic partners (that are also the best of friends and comrades in this whole change-the-world-for-the-better thing). She will be fascinated by intense emotional responses and expressions of attachment. She will ask scientifically precise questions about why you would feel that way. She may still not get it. She will smile warmly and invite you out with her friends. Be her friend. Enjoy her eccentricities. She will never cling to you, try to possess you or run you down to keep you with her. She loves freedom and wants you to have that too – she knows how precious personal space is. So she’ll make sure you’re happy so you are confident enough to be your own independent person. You’re not a couple. You’re a pair of individuals. The individual, quirky parts of you are delightful to her.

love Asha Maria xo

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