Aquarius – The Star Trump

The Star is given to Aquarius – the sign of the Humanitarian and the Future


Hope, help from your fellow man*, Opportunity on the horizon Drifting in a world of optimistic dreams, envisioning the future Evoking the potential from the infinite Crystallising imaginings into concrete philosophy leading to ‘right conduct’ (action according to ethos) Calling on community, networking and connections to assist you Remembering that you are one with and yet separate, as an observer – making choices for the benefit of all

This is the revelation of acceptance; joy in connection to all

Released from the anxiety of our own self importance, we bathe in the waters of the cosmos. Mindful of the present and conscious of the greater story of Humanity we find a place for ourselves beyond ego and starry-eyed idealism. We act consciously and without attachment, marvelling at our experience and mindful that even Stars pass away and are replaced.

A sense of futility, overbearing responsibility, frustration with the status quo (Aquarius gripes!) gives way to optimism and perseverance – eyes fixed on the heavens, feet planted on the earth. Aquarius is an idealist, but also a ‘fixed’ sign – the steady expression of the quality of Air. Traditionally ruled by Saturn – limits, realism, structures and Uranus – the future, chaos, spontaneity – the challenge for Aquarius is to remain present with others and yet bring to the community inspiration, the future current and the importance of fighting to realise a ‘new way’.

The risk for the Aquarius is the temptation to remain on the outside, a clinical observer, individual and eccentric – concealing their Uranian inspirations and inventions in a sharp and cynical critique of the mainstream (Saturn). Aquarians must protect their boundaries and take care of their bodies to prevent burnout; especially if active in social justice – whether in the neighbourhood or the wider world. Learning to meet others with the warmth as individuals, not just as representatives of a particular demographic is quite the challenge, Aquarians can tend to view everyone as an anthropological research project.

In relationships the typical Aquarian can be frustratingly aloof but the warmest friend you could ask for. We are also completely chaotic and nuts and crap at understanding time. Virgos, Capricorn, Pisces: you are duly warned. Nothing more can really be said about the Water-Bearer – we are all as individual as we can manage, and no two of us are alike. Other typical traits are clumsiness, scattered/professor-brained, kooky and blunt. A paradoxical love of the old and a penchant for wearing odd clothes and choosing the oppositional viewpoint just for entertainment may be other traits more or less well received depending on the audience.

Love, Asha Maria

A note on the Tarot Interpretation: All Trumps can represent the person receiving the reading, someone who embodies the image and message of this card or recommend a shift in attitude, predict assistance from others.

*before anyone rants at me about using ‘man’ instead of person or wo/man or some such grammatical horror, ‘man’ originally meant person, and is an English word of Germanic origin. The German ‘man’ translates like ‘one’ (i.e. one must do this, when one etc.)

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