Archer’s Moon – Moon in Sagittarius

The intense hyper-full Moon in Libra brought issues of equality, fairness and big decisions to your attention.

The Scorpio Moon (16 to early 18 April) intensified senses generally. This year Saturn is also in Scorpio. Thus Scorpio moon phases for the next year or more will be particularly uncomfortable – Saturn is about limitation  and hard truth. In searingly honest Scorpio hard truths become harsh truths. We feel most like this whenever the moon – which affects our emotional life – sails through Scorpio.

If you’ve been flinching under the effects of the Libra Lunar Eclipse and Grand Cross the Archer’s Moon brings relief. Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher and the optimist – there is a good natured detachment, philosophical perspective on your eclipse experience. A kind of making sense of it all – and heading out again from retreat with a new view and hunger for adventure.

Sagittarius moon phases are times of playful affection and emotional space. Emotional space is not the same as emotional detachment. When we are not emotionally enmeshed with our beloveds our sentiments are not invasive, pressing and demanding.

Some interpret pressing feeling as proof of attachment but rarely is it proof of trust. An open sky, like open arms brings a sense of ease and freedom. With peace and freedom, optimism returns; a sense that one can adventure independently. Independent of excessive emotional needs, dependant on others promises and proofs.

Enjoy the Archer’s Moon, find your freedom and give your love with courage. Is your own space clearly marked? Have you discovered your boundaries? Then you are free to give as much as you like. Secure in your values, you have the power to build positive relationships in all spheres of your life.

And this is what the Aries/Libra Moon cycle is all about … you and me

♥ Love Asha Maria

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