Aries in Love ~ Venus in Aries

Loving an Aries is challenging – it’s part combat, part competition and they don’t need a lot of sleep. They may not be given to spouting verbal expressions of love, or showering you with perfectly chosen gifts – they rarely take their armour off, even in bed. They can be stoic, poker faced and appear not to feel. But they do feel, deeply, and act on it (or it will burn them up inside and manifest as frustration).

If you can survive the brusqueness (which she thinks is directness), occasional well-intentioned insensitivity (honesty) and the fact they can never sit still (productivity) you will be the lucky student in her master-class on how to  live life with dynamism and enthusiasm. Passion Aries-style is athletic, can-you-keep-up (hopefully not too much “got there before you did” ha!) and she is very affectionate.

Love your Aries in Love / Venus in Aries by

Celebrating her independence, her need to make most of the decisions and her directness. If you ask her what’s wrong (unless she has Pisces or Cancer aspects) you will probably hear it – in bald detail, to the point. But, it is unlikely that she will brood allowing the atmosphere to become suffocating and dense. The trouble is faced head-on, you’ll have it out and go on. Honesty is refreshing, and in her mind – loving. You are going to have to get her need to be competitive (can be a little prone to jealousy especially if you are friends with your past lovers) and be the best. And learn to turn that to your advantage.

She is loyal in her loving, in the way that one soldier protects her fellow warriors in peacetime and in battle – to the death. She might fight with you, but if anyone fights with you she will crush them. The world is sometimes divided into ‘it’s me or him’, ‘us and them’, ‘our family and those people’.  But… she is also warm, playful, optimistic – she will pick you up with her Aries love when you are down and dry you out when you are being a wet-blanket. She gives you courage and her spirit of conquest is irresistible.

There is no challenge you can’t overcome together – and that’s pretty much how she sees love – a shield and a sword to conquer life, the campfire to gather round, camaraderie through the hard times and good (that might need discipline and focus to hold together from time to time).

You will find Warrior Venus in the centre of families and friendship groups, celebrating the group identity, taking the lead and tackling conflict – disciplining she who is out of line and bringing back those who have been excluded. She gets everyone looking forward rather than dwelling on old conflict. She’d prefer to snap her fingers and ‘forget about it’. She knows it happened, she knows it’s there, but she also knows that old conflicts never heal if constantly poked – they are best cauterised, closed up and ignored. While some may find this ‘no crying over spilt milk’ approach a little unhelpful – we can see the wisdom of it. Aries wants to move forward constantly, onto new and more interesting things the past and constant negotiation are of little interest.

Compatible signs – Leo, Sagittarius (can be too free-wheelin), Virgo (with fire aspects), Scorpio. Pisces, Aqua, Libra and Cancer can find them too much to bear without Mars/Aries aspects. But really any sign can work with any other – because you aren’t just your sun sign!

Love love love

This is a playful look at the Sun in love, but you can also read it as a Venus sign interpretation. To learn more about your own unique love signature revealed in your birth chart – email me!

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