Book Review: Planets in the Signs & Houses

For many of us reading ancient Astrology sources in Sanskrit is a dream; but Bepin Behari helps us understand, adapt and interpret this knowledge without fuss or flourish in his helpful book. Each chapter is devoted to a single house. First Behari introduces the houses and the meanings of the planets in the houses generally; he then gives specific interpretations of the planets in the signs, in the houses. Even if you have no planets in a house, an interpretation of the meaning of the sign in the house position is given. In Western astrology an empty house is often considered empty of significance. Not so in Vedic astrology. 

Many of the interpretations given are concerned with royalty, good or ill fortune in the manner of old astrological interpretations. For a complete beginner this may be off putting. There is no simple – “Venus in the 7th means a happy marriage”. And this is exactly what makes this book such a treasure. By delivering traditional interpretations Behari shares his deep knowledge and interprets the ancient roots of astrology in a way that maintains the integrity of the tradition. 

Students of Western Astrology may at first find the text ‘old-fashioned’ or mystical; you will find many of your previous ideas about planets in the houses deeply challenged. Persevere and gain deeper insight into the meanings and purpose of the planets in the houses. The familiar format will also help you get a grasp on the different perspectives on the houses and influences of the planets according to Vedic perspectives. This can only enrich your understanding of astrology. 

A single illustration in the centre of the book provides a handy visual reference for each planet in each house. I found the interpretations accurate, insightful and clear. Compared to the much longer and verbose cookbook type astrology texts Behari gives clarity and plenty of material to fuel your own insights not found elsewhere. An indispensible reference for the more experienced student able to extrapolate these concepts into the context of her own time. I would only recommend this to a dedicated beginner, intermediate students will enjoy this text more.  

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