Cancerian in Love

Tender & caring with a penchant for nostalgia, his love has an old world romance to it…he is traditional but not in the sense we ordinarily mean. Usually when we say “he’s a pretty traditonal kinda guy” mean “he bores the hell outta me but he’s nice”! No, no Cancer is traditional and so deeply romantic you’ll feel like you’ve come home, it’s familiar and glamorous and dreamy like an old film. He is charm, not glamour. Classic, understated…he values timeless quality. He will remember your first meeting, date, kiss – he’s the kind to want an ‘our song’ and to look over those old photos, revisit significant locations, to enjoy again and again every sweet moment between you. Indulge his delight in retracing the landscape of your romance. He is sentimental and if you mock it or don’t get it, he can get sharp (crabs have claws!) But his commitment to you and your relationship is unshakeable once he has let his defences down. You’ll never need to doubt his love, he’ll always let you know he is truly, devotedly, yours. Sighhhhh….

CANCER: Nostalgic, devoted, tender, protective, dreamy, sensitive

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