Capricorn – Hooves firmly on the Ground


Determined, reliable, consistent, faithful, caring, enduring, enterprising & pragmatic.

Hooves firmly on the ground, the Capricorn ruled by Saturn understands the necessity of structure, steadiness and application of effort over time to achieve one’s goals.

Often conservative and family oriented but warm and kind.

Primal – Pan after all was part-goat and we all know what he is like! But Capricorn usually manages to conceal this side of her nature under a convincing layer of propriety and decorum.

Not fond of an argument but determined and headstrong.

  1. Element of Earth as Stone and Mountain

  2. Animal: Goat (Sometimes with a fish’s tail)

  3. Ruling Planet: Saturn (limits, time, tradition, resources, reality, wisdom)

  4. Tarot Symbols: The Devil XV,

  5. 2 Pentacles – Harmonious Change (Jupiter in Capricorn),

  6. 3 of Pentacles – Work (Mars in Capricorn),

  7. 4 of Pentacles – Work (Sun in Capricorn)

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