Capricorn in Love

You know your Sun sign, but what about your Venus sign? How do you love, charm & seduce? Venus shows who you are when you are in love.

Venus in Capricorn – Traditional & committed she will want a family, a clear definition of your relationship and she won’t look kindly on ‘alternative’ relationship models. No strings, friends with benefits, etc sit uncomfortably with the conservative Venus in Capricorn. Using elegant words for the same thing, like ‘lover’ or ‘polyamorous’ also won’t wash with her. She will call bullsh*t on that, except she won’t use that word; because that’s crass and she isn’t crass. She is an old school dame. She sees this love affair going somewhere and she believes in commitment. If you are not able to do that she is quite pragmatic. She won’t weep or wail or have a tantrum. She will give you clear reasons why it’s not working and you are gone unless a plan of action on “how to improve our relationship” happens to be in your back pocket. If you have a sensible action plan you may be given a temporary reprieve because she also believes in working on it, not giving up on you and helping you to realise your ambitions, if you are in. If you don’t have ambition find someone else. Ambition is lovely to her. So is success and she will make sure that you are a success as individuals and a couple.

The Love Astrologer is IN

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