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We’ve got two 6 cards, 6 of Wands & the Lovers – 6 represents warmth, steady energy & prosperity…a shift from unfulfilled passion to steady self confidence. A feeling of joy in your own holy self gently dawns. Define the borders of your kingdom, seat yourself on the throne of your life & a steady joy will fill you. This joyous warmth attracts sympathetic hearts to you without you even looking for it. Steadily but surely you find your people, but you can’t find ’em if your hiding your little light. Let it shine! Trying to please others is exhausting, it depletes Power & never, ever works! Being you, proud but gentle – that feels gooood, for you and others near you..It’s time to stop justifying, asking for permission, checking for approval. When you start championing your own cause all those relationship anxieties just drop away. Respecting that we can all deal with our own issues with our own wisdom frees us to love each other. Good boundaries & self belief mean we are no longer defined by other’s opinions of us, we are no longer at the mercy of other’s needs & emotions (and they’re free of ours too!)

Step back and trust each other to work it out. This simple action renews all bonds of love & friendship. No matter where you are at with your beloveds – growing closer, transforming connection after a break up, making new boundaries because you’ve grown or forgiving someone who has hurt you…redefining how you deal with others can be a gentle & simple thing. Hold your ground, trust yourself, stay curious & forgive your own shortcomings. Then the actions of others no longer define your happiness. Only then can we truly Love with open hands!

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