Daily Tarot: Deciding to be Real & Not Giving a Damn

2 Card Trick | Daily Tarot with Asha Maria: Deciding to be Real & Not Giving a Damn

It’s been an odd time of late. Blazing new experiences, realisations, fireworks from unexpected quarters & enough scraps of unpleasantness to remind us what we DON’T want.. to keep going with the changes we were just about to put in place before that thing happened and gave me an excuse to back out temporarily. Ahem. It’s time to claim what we DO want. Sometimes that seems an awful lot like a …mad dream. Why we do what we do is not often understood by those who value different things. But that’s the point isn’t it? It’s YOUR heart’s desire, your life. And you are unique. But so is everyone else. Can we all just do our own thing & cheer each other on please? If no one is cheering your respectful self defining acts, ah well…there’s a chance for you to be all gracious, cheer yourself on or a cue to find new people who are more supportive. 

The 7 of Cups is about choosing. We only have a short time here. It’s tempting to choose a path of ease or acceptance from others. Much easier than any act which shows the truth of your heart. Coz, you know once it’s known you have to commit to it and that gets uncomfortable sometimes.  Also it can be terrifying. The 7 of Cups also represents ambiguity & intoxication with delusion. When we finally define our wishes & we make a decision to Exist we also have to deal with reality. Goddamnit. I hate that. There’s all manner of consequences and effort that has to be applied. The elation of decision making….finally going for it….then dealing with making it real. It can be anti climactic. 

The 4 of Wands (Revelry) triumphs in the strength of Will. Branches burst into leaf & flower. Having decided what we love, where our treasure lies we stop worrying. We free ourselves to revel and play with life. Take some time to play with those beloveds who are also cautiously spreading their branches. Trust that you can all keep your feet on your own path and support each other from a place of fierce freedom. May you be loved. And may you not give a damn and do your thing anyway

 Love Asha

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