Daily Tarot: Love Tempered by Wisdom

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2 Card Trick: Daily Tarot with Asha

2 of Cups (Love) and Temperance (Wisdom)

The 2 of cups heralds all kinds of sweetness and lovin times. It shows the first skipped heart beat in romance and friendship. It’s a simple, open card, an invitation to easy pleasures. It can show our hearts opening to one another in simple trust if there’s been division or separation or a fresh new love altogether.

Temperance takes this simple theme and makes it sacred. Tempered by trial or even heartbreak our love becomes our Angel, the genius that guides all our action. Reunion after pain, the renewal of trust and fresh love but wielded with wisdom and a little more prudence perhaps. Forgiveness and working through the muck brings a self sufficency in love that frees us to love our beloveds deeply. As they are. Not as we wish they would be for our…

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