Daily Tarot Reading – Determination!

2 Card Trick -Tarot Reading for Today 1. 2 of Wands – Mars in Aries 2. Ace of Swords – Elemental Air

Take pride in the victories you have won for yourself. You stand established in your own kingdom. By claiming your sovereignty you have en…riched your experience, you hold a universe in your hands – you made that happen, own it! Crowned & triumphant…and often alone. Thing about claiming sovereignty is usually we’ve had to set ourselves apart, sacrificing a predictable path to our own vision. By mastering your fate and refusing to do what is expected of you, you have to leave behind the approval from others and their advice as to how life works and what you “should” be doing with YOUR life. When you have become individuated, the Sovereign of your Kingdom, you cannot fall back into hold habits…seeking assistance from those who have chosen to stay where they’ve always been. They will keep you there by any means if they can. You may love them, they may be your friends but they are not your allies.

2. Your will is fierce. It is far better to be absolutely free & responsible for dealing with what life throws at you than in the company of those who do not want to do the work. It is not in their interest to let you do your own thing. It is too risky for them psychologically. Your courage shows up cowardice even if you mess up royally. This can be painful – but only if you seek validation from them. If you are truly as free as you claim, you will go on, clearing away obstacles to your will – persevering, especially on the days when it doesn’t win applause. Forget the applause. You’re here to Become. The Sword can show arguments, cold cutting words. As long as you are answering back you are still enslaved to other’s opinions. Use it instead to clear your own path, cut away your illusions and clarify your purpose. #dailytarot #ashamaria #tarot #monday #inspiration #will #aries #nietzsche #claimit #freedom #thelema #independence #power #findyourpath #courage

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