Daily Tarot Reading – Patience & Love

2 Card Trick: Your Daily Tarot Reading

Patience & Love 1. 7 of Disks (reversed) 2. The Queen of Cups (Regina di coppe)

You’re in that frustrating, enticing place just before your persistent efforts actually pay off and you get to taste success. You’ve planted the seeds and tended them for quite some time. You’ve been cultivating a deeper relationship with Self, learning to observe & understand the actions of others, working out your personal boundaries, coming face to face with the limits of Life. You’re doing the work and things are finally starting to pay off for you. But you must be patient still. Don’t be hasty and pluck the fruit too early. Don’t waste your effort at the last minute because you’re sick of waiting. It’s not yet ripe.The Queen of Cups invites you to dream while you wait; indulge in sweet imaginings. Don’t let your manoevreings for material security, destroy your vision, the reason you’re doing it all in the first place. Vision and Action are 2 sides of the same thing – one without the other is worse than useless. Vision becomes delusion. Action becomes tyranny. But together they create work that is meaningful, inspiring and self sustaining.

And this brings us back to the number 7. 4 = stability & matter 3 = vision, development and the intuitive principle. 4 + 3 = 7. To create something you must breathe Love into it, otherwise it’s just matter. Love makes matter meaningful.

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