Daily Tarot: Truce & Triumph

Peace is restored but rests in a delicate balance. Words, skill & craft have brought the forces of division into a temporary harmony.  Each blade touches another, resting upon the petals of a white flower. The balance is exact – sustain it with wisdom, grace & understanding or the momentary stillness will shatter. This is a card of delicate maneuvering, judicious words, quiet observation & wise action.

The Chariot & the armored Charioteer bring the means & the method to secure a triumph. The Charioteer is you at your best & purest of heart. The Chariot is the engine that drives you to your goal. The golden Charioteer is armed with a great Chalice of holy water mingled with the holy wine of heart’s blood. He wields no sword or weapon to wage war or violence. Though he wears golden armour (gold represents a pure heart) his heart is his shield. And this makes him an unstoppable force. He has journeyed within and found his worth & now he turns outward to master his Fate. Mind, body, feeling & flesh represented by the 4 sphinxes drive the engine of the heavenly carriage. He is seated in lotus position. He attains his victory without even moving his little finger.

Having managed with grace and skill the swords of division you have mustered a truce from the conflict (especially within!) that blocked your path. Turn outwards with joy & triumph. Exchange the sharp for the sweet, the great battle within has transformed you into a good hearted warrior. Now bring your wisdom to aid others. No battle cry except “LOVE!” is required.

| Daily Tarot with Asha Maria | Truce (Jupiter in Libra) 4 of Swords – The Chariot (Triumph)

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