Daily Tarot | Turning Enough into Abundance

The 6 of Disks shows a measure of comfort, peace & success after a period of lack and worry. Drink in the results of all that diligent application, enjoy the little luxuries you’ve won for yourself whether it’s more peace, comfort or just sweet cash. Realllly soak it up, enjoyyy it. It feels good to do well, to exhale, to have done all the jobs or paid those bills & have a bit left over to share with others. Having enough to be generous is one of the best ways to you turn enough into abundance.

The 7 of Cups brings a little warning not to over indulge in the good times, use what you have well and wisely. Don’t binge – on drinks, food, sex or even happiness. You can’t binge on Happiness Asha! I hear you say. But we can, especially if our souls were half starved of joy before the good times arrived. It’s easy to eat beyond what is good for us. And then when the tide of life next brings a challenge or a little bit less of something we can suffer because we see it as lack. Enjoy the rich harvests but store some away: save cash, save energy, temper your ecstasies with quiet reflection. Then when you next find things getting a little dry you’ll have plenty to draw from to keep going. Excess breeds poverty of experience in the midst of plenty, it numbs. Enjoy what has come to you, revel in it but stay focused on the work of your soul.

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