Daily Tarot: Wise & Wealthy

Build steadily on the ground you’ve gained. If you’ve got a few more coins in your pocket than usual take care to put them to their best use, share it with those who both need it & can make best use of your gift. Pay those you owe or pay your respect to those who’ve sustained you when your resources – cash, energy, joy – have been at a low ebb. When it comes to open handed giving remember whether it’s $, energy, time or a skill shared you must save as much as you spend. Keeping your power in reserve doesn’t make you mean of spirit if you also know when to share your bounty. Wise stewardship means in difficult times you have plenty to share. Only a fool throws all away at once to prove his generosity.

The reversed Knight of Swords advises you not to rush into anything headlong. This time of the month as the moon fades to dark is for reflection, checking scores have been settled & completing tasks. You won’t get much done forging new territory until the weekend when a new cycle starts in earthy Taurus. ★☆★ Asha reads tarot & astrology in Sydney, Thirroul, Skype & the Embrace Life festivals all 2015

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