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The double Goddesses appear today -Mighty Aphrodite & Wise Isis. The Empress (Venus) & The High Priestess (Full Moon). These 2 cards are deeply feminine representing the physical sensuality of fertility and the deep wisdom of intuition. Earthly Love: The Empress brings a time to indulge and bathe in all the gorgeous things (and people) in our lives. She is the principle of Beauty & Pleasure -her message is “take it slow and enjoyyyyy”. In the material world this appears like laziness  (Aries, Capricorn, Scorpio, I know you hate to chill!) But lovely leisure is deeply creative, the life force can gather, recharge and consolidate before shooting forth in new growth. This is a fundamental principle of life – deliberate enjoyment! Every living thing needs phases of passive rest to remain vital.

Heavenly Love-  The High Priestess represents this idea of deliberate restfulness on the spiritual level. In the spiritual realm conscious passivity creates a vessel for divine wisdom to reach you and enliven you directly. The High Priestess speaks to you in her quiet voice from the depths of your being. She’s always guiding you but you can’t hear her if you are too occupied ‘being busy’ to listen. If you are longing for guidance from your High Priestess Self slow down and ground your bodily vessel in the simple pleasures of life. Wait patiently – she always speaks once we are listening. Then her grace fills us up, we have faith in the wisdom of our choices, we can discern the right path, we sleep & dream deeply.  Renewed spiritually (Priestess) & physically (Empress) we can get on with the “doing stuff” we’re all so obsessed with! Busyness is overrated. Being deserves more of our attention. Allow and honour these principles of Pleasure & Grace – The Goddesses bring many blessings, honour them and open to what they give: beauty, pleasure, joy, peace, grace, creativity & deep awareness.

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