Depression and restoring the Wild

Excerpt from “Women Who Run with the Wolves” by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Do you suffer from depression and anxiety? Or is it that your fresh, wild soul is gasping for air, revolting against the life that was paved over you or the life you chose because you didn’t know any better, you weren’t guided by wise ones into your power. Perhaps your choices were so limited that the wild self was going to be contained somehow, just in order to survive. And you have survived. That alone, is a great victory. How then do you retrieve the colour of the soul, the Wild self? I “lived with depression and anxiety” for a long time. And then I began to allow my soul to live, to speak, to rage, to feel. I still have states of ennui or overwhelm but little by little I learn to hear my soul sighing;  “ah my darling, I am drying out! Allow me to live,  allow the Wild back in!” This is not to say that becoming wild again is an easy task. But it is a worthy task and it is the path out from sorrow and suffocation. It weaves back the disjointedness it leaves one free to sleep, wakes us from confusions and the miserable sleep walking the over culture would have us believe is “life”. Tell me, my darling, what will you do today to salute your wild self – be it ever so small. I plucked a sprig of flowers and tucked it in the belt of my dress.

Love Asha Maria

This text is from Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes – I am re-reading the masterful work and highly recommend Dr Estes’ work to anyone seeking to heal their wounds and restore their soul power. Much of my work draws from the wisdom articulated in this book. When I first discovered it I felt – ah! at last, in words all these things I have discovered, sensed and longed for. You can buy it here

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