Done with the Devil? Final Pluto Uranus Square

Sold your soul to the Devil? It’s time to play him at his own game. You don’t have to beat him to the ground to play him. Turn your face to the Sun and decide you are going to move forward. You don’t have to be happy to keep moving forward. Being sick of the same old sh*t is enough. At least forging onwards means we have an even chance of something fun turning up. Hells, if you want to be optimistic even…you might say there is more chance of lovely things being around the corner. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s been a noisy but unresolved revision of everything we used to do & believe. The old doubts and ills thought they’d give it one last shot at the whole derailing you from your purpose with the usual drama. But this is about YOU. Not what you’ve done to get here. Not what was done to you and has shaped your views up to now. There will always be a story, a challenge that will make you want to retreat in the old doubts. Aren’t you bored of this cycle yet? It’s predictable, self doubt goes nowhere so don’t give it more time than it deserves. Flip it around. Observe the doubts. Observe how your story is shaping your choices & reactions. Ask yourself “do I want to keep doing this?” No. No I don’t. I’m sure my bestie is sick of hearing version 100,345 of the same rant too. As Pluto and Uranus finish their 7 year battle we have to decide to surrender OUR longest running battle. It might be you vs. The World or you vs. Your Pain … but at this point it is all but completely exhausted. No more can be gained. Questions of tidy endings or fairness are all beside the point. You have a choice. Keep listening to the voice of the Devil, wanting to take you down, slow your feet from the path to Self. Or step into your Power. Where is the Love? Take a hold of that thread and follow it out of your Underworld. The doubt can wait.

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