Eclipse March: Idealism & True Dedication

March brings 2 Eclipses – a powerful time of shift and change. Eclipses obscure the light of the Sun or Moon and in that moment of shadowing we glimpse the *other side* of things. These are moments of release/liberation and facing the true nature of our desires and dissatisfactions. Eclipses offer an opportunity to deliberately release bad habits, skewed perceptions and surrender to our fate. These moments are powerful, ‘edge times’, you glimpse the beginning of new understandings, the deeper motives of your desires and the foreshadowing of the next lessons you will face in your spiritual awakening.

Solar Eclipse March 8 at the New Moon: Releasing Idealism for True Action This eclipse occurs on the Aquarius / Leo axis. The Moon shadows the Sun and the moon represents our instinct, the shifting mind. The light of our Soul Purpose is shadowed by the desires, fears and attachments of our mind. The placement of this eclipse brings a lurking fear of loss of Self and purpose. In Aquarius we are asked to release who we thought we were in our social groups and adjust our goals, ideal vision of who we are and what life is ‘about’. The north node (Rahu) is in Leo, the sign of Shining Self, sovereignty and leadership. This Solar eclipse foreshadows a reassesment of who we are and how we are running our Kingdom. Sometimes we try to curb our selfish aspirations with broader belief systems which are based on a serious dose of idealism. Often these ideals are probably impossible to make real or close enough to impossible to use up much energy, effort and focus. .. it looks like we are working towards something. In reality this rapidly becomes a distraction from the life we are making and living at this moment.

Ask yourself… • Do I believe and aspire to these things and am I working diligently, practically towards making this happen? • Should I even aspire to “make” my idealism “happen”? • How much of this is about who I wish I was than who I really am, and can become given my nature and capacities? • How long has it been since I’ve really checked that my highest ideals are guiding me and…that I still believe those things? How much do I need those ideas to know who I am?

Sometimes on the road to transcending the darker aspects of our nature we tie ourselves to an ideology, goal, community, relationship, identity as a kind of defense against that we wish to keep hidden. We substitute self understanding for philosophies, beliefs, rituals of goodness or “ethical living”

It is time to place on a funerary pyre and farewell aspects of the social self and worn out ideologies. (The sector of Aquarius is Purva Badhrapada: the funeral bed). The house placement of Aquarius will show the place of endings and changed perspectives in your life.

Eclipse Ritual Do you need to renounce a perspective, attachment or relationship at the New Moon? You can consciously acknowledge this by lighting a candle and drawing a circle around it pouring out water on the ground in a circle, pouring out attachments, old perspectives, allowing it to dissipate into the ground. Say a prayer or offer words as you affirm your understanding at this moment. When you are ready, refill the water jug with new water and place on your altar or sacred place with the white candle.

Solar Eclipse: Aquarius New Moon

The Lunar Eclipse on March 23: Beautiful Duty The Full Moon is the sign of Virgo; service, health, duty. The New Moon eclipse is a time of endings, the Full Moon eclipse represents a renewal of commitment to Virgo principles – the section of Virgo (house placement) in your chart adds more information as to where it plays out. The constellation in Virgo where the moon shines full is Uttara Palghuni – a marriage bed. Marriage represents promises, commitments, living bonds willingly undertaken.

Ok – so the New Moon eclipse is about letting go, laying to rest (funerary bed) and the Full Moon symbol is the Marriage bed? We see the theme of surrendering past commitments and affirming a new understanding of what service and care means.

• Letting go of social identity that is not authentic, for whatever reason – getting real about our highest ideals and beliefs about community, group work and friends (all things Aquarius). The Virgo Full Moon ask us to commit to the steady effort, dutiful fulfilment of tasks, the piece work that makes relationships/groups resilient.

• Letting go of idealism that actually restricts deep connection with friends/lovers/ partners (the illusion within the ideal). Virgo Full Moon puts us to work on routine, care and the duty involved in our commitments. Not always fun. Ideals and aspiration vs actual effort and work, which is often dull – and less exciting than Aquarian big picture thinking and innovation.

• Checking in that you are served and cared for by those you are bonded to and reaching out for more if it’s available…perhaps finding out if that care is returned by those you have promised to serve and bide with.

This is not a good time to begin or commit to a beloved or commence a significant commitment to a group or enterprise; for a number of reasons but mainly because this is a point of great power. Great power is not what we want flowing through our day-to-day, very human, endeavours.

The Full Moon eclipse brings home the need for serious commitment to routine, order and health. This is a good time to reflect on how you serve those around you and if you are serving yourself with your chosen direction, idealism or future plans.

Full Moon in Virgo: Eclipse Chart

Full Moon Ritual: Love & Service Now we focus on bringing Virgo principle of duty, service and purity of purpose to our Moon ceremony. You may like to gather medicinal herbs, local greenery, medicines or other symbols of duty, health and care onto your altar and arrange them with the white candle. Reaffirm or reflect on issues of care, curing and dedication. When you are done you may like to lay the herbs on the ground and pour the new moon water over them. Alternatively you may like to pour out the water over the (wilted) green plants at the end of the moon month.

Love Asha

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