Embrace Your Shadow

Embrace your shadow – it is part of you. You can’t do this whole “loving yourself” thing unless you can gather that shadow in your arms and love her too. I don’t mean try to be ok with it because shadow and light need each other or something. I mean greet that unacknowledged self with the same desire and longing for connection that we usually reserve for lovers. Your joy and sorrow exist in play with each other. They both spring from the unity of your perception, your one fixed point in the Universe – your own awareness. The depths of your pain carve out the space for rich joy to flow in and be held; according to someone who decided to quote me the Prophet by Gibran this morning. I’ve tried protest, escapism and the demands of my pain in an attempt to avoid doing the damn work. I began to wonder what might happen if I stopped trying to hold her at bay and just accepted she is here to stay. I won’t shun her for not being lovely. Her hardness brings me wisdom. My pain is my intiatior into my Self because pain faced, head on, speaks no lies. Resisting her, trying to change her, trying to “work through it” doesn’t work. She’s made me who I am, when embrace her I celebrate who I have become.

The last quarter Moon slides past “Punishment” Saturn into free-wheelin’ Sagittarius. The last quarter moon brings a crisis around the themes of this unusual month: Aquarius/Virgo – big picture & the order we need to live it. It’s time to examine what worked, what didn’t and integrate it. Surrender judgement if you didn’t quite get that Virgo restructuring done. Perhaps your Aquarian New Moon plans needed adjustment to fit the reality of your limited energy, time & love. At least you’ve learned something. Remain curious about the adventures that await you. You won’t know til you get there and by the time you get there your perspective may have shifted entirely. Happy travels beloveds.

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