Fidelity: A book on Love

A beautiful, wise little book in Thay’s* kind style. “Fidelity” is a guide to love and desire for those of us who want to love with open hands. To love with fidelity, engaged but not attached to outcome is a huge challenge. And despite the title “Fidelity” this isn’t a guide to staying “faithful” in the usual sense. It is faithfulness to the principle of love, to the joy that sense experience can bring. Marrieds, singles, polys and everyone else can draw peace, advice to help you love better and decrease the distress of jealousy, anxiety and codependence.

Thay admits it’s easier to be a monastic than live in the world which is constantly distracting us, creating insatiable appetites and discord. He speaks wisely to these challenges drawing on ancient Buddhist teaching and the challenges of modern life. ‘Fidelity’ isn’t about learning to deny your sense desires but direct them consciously, observing their ebb and flow and how these attachments are the *real* root of your issues with intimacy and love. Forget doing it 100 different ways for 100 days to keep her interested … return to the simplicity of why we love. Then work from there. This volume is a beautifully printed hard cover with dust jacket. You can order your copy through my amazon store. Just go to STORE. You can find this book under “Relationships”..

*(Thay is Thich Nhat Hanh’s nickname or term of affection. )

Love Asha

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