Fight & Fire : The Meaning of Mars

The Meaning of MARS

☆ IDENTITY: Warrior You ☆ FEELING: How you express anger, drive & ambition ☆ BODY: How and where you draw physical vitality ☆ RELATIONSHIPS: How you define boundaries. How to fight well. … ☆ LOVE & SEXUALITY: Sexual magnetism, desire, what drives you ☆SPIRIT: The motivating factor. Your spiritual power

In ARIES – Assertive & Energetic TAURUS – Enduring & Consistent GEMINI – Dynamic & Changeable CANCER – Protective & Indirect LEO – Loud & Playful VIRGO – Precise & Contained LIBRA – Justice & Logic SCORPIO – Powerful & Magentic SAGITTARIUS – Warm & Expansive CAPRICORN – Ambition & Determination AQUARIUS – Aloof & Unpredictable PISCES – Intuitive & Fluctuating

Anger problems, frustration or desire stuff messing with you? The sign, place in the chart & aspects to other planets explain how you can be your Mars self to the fullest – but you’ll need a chart analysis to really understand how it works with the rest of you!

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