Full Moon in Gemini – Lighten Up!

Full Moon Night in Gemini! Time to talk about your big picture plans you’ve been dreaming up since the New Moon 2 wks ago. We’re in Sagittarius Month searching …for what we believe in and determined to chase it (catching it is nowhere near as important as the thrill of the hunt!) Gemini is the principle of Joyful Connection, where are you headed to from here? Who’s coming with you? It’s high time to let go of “stuff” and take it easy on each other. Venus in Sagittarius helps our hearts stay open in moments of conflict & to speak up without getting into the heartache (echhh … boring!) Take the optimistic view on the relationship adjustments you’re going through. You can’t get to truth by talking, truth is sensed through the body and observation. Step back from the words that trigger the same old crap and refuse to sit in fear. Love is Courageous.

Communicate in a way that steers clear of soul-searing stuff, connect without the threat of emotional intensity. Lightness can be more respectful than (yet another) impossible demand for full authenticity. (What IS that even?) A lot of us are winding up transitions in our significant relationships. This full moon invites you to connect through play, remembering what you really enjoy about your connections and leave the emotional “deep” stuff to the past. Laugh, change topic and order another round. Life’s too short to be stuck in cycles of ARDUOUS soul searching.

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