Gentle Mother Mooon – Moon in Taurus

Steady Mother MoonThe Moon is ‘Exalted’ in Taurus – outside of the sign she rules, Cancer,  the Moon shines most beautifully in Taurus. Taurus power speaks of steady comfort, safety and incredible strength. The Moon represents our emotional and sense life. The Moon in this sign brings both a warm and dreamy feeling combined with steadiness. Unlike the Pisces Moon which is full of fluctuating yearning and whimsical sentiment, the Taurus Moon is Mother Love. Tender, resilient, continuing through all things, enduring and unbreakable.

Those born with the Moon in Taurus are steady and faithful in their love. Once she loves she does not change course with ease, often suffering greatly for the sake of a bond she values. Nurturers and emotional providers, the Lunar Taurean (of any gender) reflects the archetype of the Good Mother.

Waxing Moon to first Quarter The initial build up phase of New Moon endeavours gains strength and becomes tangible. The insight of the Aquarius New Moon (Jan 31)  followed by Pisces reflection, then Aries action (Feb 3 to 5)  now gives over to the steady effort of Taurus. We begin to make real the first parts of our New Moon vision.

~ Love Asha

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