Half Moon Shake Up – Moon in Scorpio

As the new moon moves to the first quarter there is a crisis. What we decided at the New Moon comes into focus. The first obstacles arise and confrontations are likely. With the first quarter moon in the sign of provocation, Scorpio and Mars also in the sign feelings burst to the surface. Sharp sentiment and heightened awareness of our need to transform and let go of that which holds us back is the lesson of the Moon in Scorpio. But in this new moon cycle we are likely to tackle head-on the unsaid stuff and let those stinging feelings prompt us to act or speak.

This month’s Moon Cycle is Leo. Optimism, recognition and confidence in your self (especially ego expression) are the main themes until the next New Moon cycle starts later in the month. With the crisis of the first quarter Moon occurring in Scorpio we may feel our buzz is dampened by a call to accountability (Saturn in Scorpio) for our actions (Mars in Scorpio). Especially when it comes to relationships (Moon). Don’t let this stifle your New Moon optimism from last week. Eliminating what you don’t need, facing deep experience head on and owning it is a fundamental part of growing stronger in who you are. Sometimes working out what isn’t right is the first step to acknowledging the kind of life you want and how you want to play from this point on.

The change you are looking for is coming, any upheaval today’s Moon in Scorpio brings you is a chance to shake off some dust, grow and become more real, more yourself. Scorpio lessons are sometimes searing, there’s no room for prevarication or charming your way out of it. But when we surrender to the demand for authenticity and the elimination necessary to make that change, we grow in power. With that power we can carry our New Moon intentions to the fulfillment of the Full Moon in Aquarius next week.

Over the next day or two look at what is serving you and what isn’t. The powerful moods of the Scorpio Moon time might be showing you what you need to move past, rather than go over – yet again. If old hurts arise consider whether they are serving the world you want to build for yourself NOW. Or is it the same old pain, familiar…the devil you know. We can’t erase the past with a little affirmation or even tremendous acts of will. In fact that is quite unhelpful. But if you tackle this stuff head on and move through it, own it as part of your story but not you …. you might disentangle yourself from your story and finally gain some forward movement.

Much love, Asha Maria

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Transforming our old stories into new ones isn’t always easy and you don’t have to do it alone. If things feel like they’re getting too big to handle on your own go offline and find a reputable counsellor. Critical distance from an expert can be really useful ♡

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