Heart Fire: Divine Love 

Venus in Libra: Relationship Goals

A good relationship; romantic or otherwise; rests on a sound individual sense of self *and* the desire to let your other/s be their individual self. The sign of Libra opposes Aries; Relating and Individuality are 2 sides of the same principle. It’s this dynamic flow – or conflict – between these opposing principles that creates the magic, magnetic, intoxication of love. Sometimes it creates a catastrophic destruction, it is a force so intensely transformative we must take great care. Dynamic love shakes off shallow desires or weaknesses in our loving; it refines us. Even in those relationships where we are must leave for our safety or peace; if we are true to the divine purpose of love we *will* always arise from the those heartbreaks cleansed by the tears our of sorrow. This is a truth as constant as sunrise.

We are usually best at one or the other of these opposing principles – fierce individuality or accomodating partnership; either by habit or temperament. True love, deep abiding love, calls us to find the balance – first by cultivating the opposite of our usual habit and then finding balance once more as we return to our natural tendency. We lose ourselves to each other and in doing so find the hidden pieces of ourselves; wounded pieces that need to be held or treasures we could not accept, secret wisdom and sacred delight – all these are brought to awareness by the fire of love. In the beloved we see ourselves shown brightly; both our shortcomings and our beauties made bright clear to our eyes. It is an endless cycle of connection, reaction and illumination. Each cycle bringing us to a deeper understanding and steadying our fire so we burn cleaner, brighter, hotter. Love is holy fire. Desire is magic. Dance with joy lovers and become divine through holy L O V E

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