Heart & Head and Things Unsaid

Heart and Head and Things Unsaid: 

  1. Mercury, Venus & Sun in Capricorn,

  2. Mars in Aquarius, Uranus in Aries (mutual reception)

  3. Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Scorpio (mutual reception)

  4. Uranus square Pluto

  5. Venus, Mercury, Sun Square Pluto

Today the Moon is leaving Action Aries as we enter the week before the full Moon. The Capricorn New Moon/ Cancer Full Moon month helps us discover what our needs are and… then how to have those met (Full Moon). Spend the next week weaving those things together as much as you can. The Quarter Moon in Aries will make it pretty clear where the obstacles to that work may lie. Be prepared for unexpected angle on recent interpesonal developments and be prepared to speak your mind – and your heart!

Mercury, Venus and Pluto tangle together giving us the courage to speak to our hearts which may or may not be a welcome development for those you’re speaking to. But this being a Capricorn Reality-Building cycle it does set terms and the structure which we want to carry into 2015. When Mercury and Venus align in responsible Capricorn what our heart needs and what we know will serve us in the long term becomes clear. Pluto’s power of transformation is making sparks with Uranus (the unexpected) bringing plenty of challenging possibility. You suddenly discover you can break out from what doesn’t serve you into what DOES. And it’s not with a do-or-die flourish. You show the grim determination of Capricorn which is clearly impossible to derail.

This month you define your terms. Then you must use those standards to build structures that purposefully direct your energy. Use the odd things thrown up by the Pluto/Uranus dynamics and a clear understanding of real-world possibility to push yourself on. Keep working, stay ambitious. Be passionate but be shrewd too. Knowing your limits doesn’t limit the possibilities.

Discover how to apply the Moon Cycles of 2015 and your personal birth chart to grow into your power. Whatever 2015 may bring you understanding the cycles of the planets gives your the power to seize your destiny instead of getting stuck reacting to fate. When we see our experiences are part of a greater story cycle, a cycle that is touching us all, we find our place. I start reading again from January 3 – in-person and on Skype. Get in touch and let me know what questions you may have about your path ahead. seaserpentsky@gmail.com

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