Heart on Fire: Venus opp Pluto

The Moon joins Neptune just before she crosses into Pisces, bringing dreamy vibes that provide a little resting place after the intense aspects at the beginning of the weekend. Mercury has left the grande cross,  it’s opening up again, softening our approach to many parts of life, reducing the sense of anxious scatterbrain that Mercury brought this formation. The square between Jupiter, Saturn & Neptune continues – once immovable institutions begin to crumble & we face another profound political and economic change due to the Brexit rumblings in the UK. More personally, Pluto opposing Venus is making our hearts fierce, committed, burning with sacred fire. Today & last night I could feel my heart softening, glowing but strong. I could feel, begin to glimpse what Jupiter is bringing now he has crossed over the Serpent’s mouth and is shooting forward expanding his glow in the benevolent sign of Royal Leo. 🔥❤ Relationship stuff that flouresced last year, (at New Years,) lost ground quickly as Jupiter soon turned retrograde. Things got brittle, unyielding for some time after that, only relenting when Jupiter turned direct in June. The issues we dealt with at that time now appear in a complete form – understood, recognised for the necessary lessons they were, valued because of the wisdom those experiences brought us. Released from Rahu’s shadow Jupiter brings us his joy and blessings fuelled by Rahu’s dynamic power. Retrogrades bring a backtracking, a covering of new ground in reverse – often the shadowy side of a situation. When planets go direct we can have an “a-ha!” moment. It’s time to weave it all together and move forward. Mars leaves retrograde, going direct June 30 after being retro since April. What ground have you been taken back over in terms of vitality, courage, ambitions or the younger men in your life? (All represented by Mars). As those frustrating obstacles melt away, you can grow wiser as to the how and why of it all if you want to do the work. (If you aren’t up to the soul work right now, fair enough!) Most affected are Scorpio & Aries Sun/ Moon/ Ascendant, Libra or those with strong Mars aspects.

Love Asha

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