Heartbreak – Heart’sSong: Venus opposition Pluto

Heartbreak & Heartsong: Venus & Moon in Cancer opposition Pluto

Unwind old stories wrapped in your bones, the muscles, the way you hold yourself. Weep the stories of home; that shoulda been, coulda been but was not. Weep, if you need to, and wash clean the old aches. How far you have come my love! Like a ritual, do reverence to the old sorrowing self, blessing it with tears …hold her close, rock and comfort her. Motherless one, mother your child self. Weep for your child-self, for the pain self, and know your arms have become strong enough to hold yourself, even when you tremble in tears.  The old pain is there yes, but it is not renewing itself – this is the release to the waters of the soul. All things run to the sea, my godmother told me, and so do you.  

All this sentimentality is stirred up by Venus and Moon in nostalgic Cancer, the tense aspect to Uranus (upheaval) and Pluto retrograde  (revolution of old power structures) throws in an element of volatility that makes the feels overwhelming. Unexpected discoveries that wound the soft hearted, old feelings you could have sworn you left behind…conflict with your beloveds are all provoked in the swirling emotional energy of this transit. I ask you to look closer: within the shake-up are new flowers blooming; fierce, vibrant plants, your efforts have brought forth marvellous new things. Ah, you did not expect them but here they are – miraculous pieces of your own creation.

Heartsong and heartbreaks can prick deeply, but the nostalgic song releases the pent up feelings we can’t name. Let them flow out. Nourish your wild-soul honour the time needed to weep – the waters are deep but they are safe. These waters restore the material life, do not let yourself dry out.

Venus & the Moon bring all our emotion and sentiment to the surface, heavily present in the body, plucking at the heart with aching sorrow. Because both our bodily sense (Moon) and sentiments (Venus) oppose fierce retrograde Pluto – for many of you including me – this has brought tears, sometimes hot with anger or flowing like torrents in grief. Uranus is about upheavals – the sudden, out of the blue strikes of lightening – but when we don’t try to fight it we can experience rapid liberation. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn is tearing away old structures. Saturn who normally keeps the structures steady is also resting his power in retrograde motion.

Right now what will happen is far from certain, you can only turn to what you are sensing and allow it to flow. Trust that this isn’t a setback – this is part of the revolution taking place within (and without). The first quarter moon in Leo on May 23  will throw some optimistic light on the situation and join Jupiter to bring a bit of luck and warmth to the matter.

  1. Uranus and Pluto square

  2. Uranus in Aries square Venus//Moon – sudden upheavals disturb emotional comfort however because

  3. Uranus in Aries is trine Jupiter in Leo – the chance of a lucky break

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