How do you read the Page Cards?

How should you read the Pages or Princesses?

Page and Princesses: The Page is an apprentice, she is young, still learning but her ideals are pure because she is innocent.

She doesn’t have the authority yet to take charge like the King or sit in confidence of the Queen. She is not ready to fight but the purest idea of her element is with her. She hasn’t had her values and energy changed or modified by life’s experience. Think of the idealism of young teenagers! It’s so pure and inspiring and from our jaded view seems incredibly out of step with reality!

When a Page appears she is calling you back to that state of complete purity. Her expressions are simple and whole uncorrupted by reason or impulse.

Page of Wands compels you to be brave and leap forward,

The Page of Cups calls you to love, her hands are open, she asks nothing in return, like a child.

The Page of Swords brings you the opportunity to learn things but you’ better stay quiet and be shrewd, you haven’t got the experience or all of the information to take the throne yet.

The Page of Disks or Pentacles brings you a practical opportunity, something you can use to grow your dreams into something tangible.

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