How to be Real: The Ascendant

The Ascendant Sign  is Your mask – how do you construct your persona? Has your mask begun to shape the flesh beneath or does it help you to go forth and shape your reality? Are you acting upon the world or reacting, just like everyone expects?

Master the mask, it is a tool. Let it master you and you are the puppet of others.

Allow it to master you and you live dispossessed, your core power distorted through the layers of illusion, the multifaceted aspects of self we construct in order to survive the world. Want to be real? Use the mask like a coat or a doorway. It is not the body it clothes. The door is not the house itself, it is just a means in-going or out-going. The sign of the Mask (Aries, Pisces, Libra, Virgo) explains the kind of impression you make upon others and how you automatically react to things that happen to you. Understanding the sign of your Mask and any planets on the Ascendant point reveals more about your nature and relationship with others than the Sun sign. When you don’t know what mask you are using it’s hard to manage your public image and act in a way that is understood by others.

To connect with others intimately you’ll need to drop the mask. Are you ready? Maybe you need to look at what you are hiding. What are you afraid of? What could happen if you let go of the performance and instead. ..allow yourself to be.

Who would you be without your mask?

Discover how you mask your true self with a reading of your birth chart . Learn to use this aspect of your nature to impact the world around you constructively. Moving beyond reaction we step into our power. It is intentional action – or will – which frees us to fulfil our destiny. If we’re reacting rather than acting, we are tangled in the snares of our fate (and the karma that came before us…our own personal karma and the impersonal karma of family, community and humanity). I read in-person in Sydney & Wollongong. I am also available online via Skype.

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