How to interpret your readings – Part 1

Here’s a little post from this time last year to help you add depth and meaning to your readings. Weave a deeper story from the cards that turn up and sit more deeply with the threads of fate. ❤ Asha

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Stuck on a reading? You can add an extra 3 cards to each of the cards to the traditional reading format. Add information about the circumstances of your situation and the characters involved. 

Read ‘through’ the card you are seeking more information on. Good readings are about tying it all together in context of the other cards. Try and identify the most active cards in the layout. Are the active cards trumps or are you dealing with a lot of Court Cards? Is there an elemental theme – water? Fire?

Expanding on the Justice card in the layout above the 3 cards drawn are the Princess of Cups, Queen of Disks and The Chariot are operating in the theatre of the Justice trump.

1. An offer of conciliation (Princess of Cups brings offers of connection and good intentions sometimes with little follow through)

2. Patience as the situation develops and…

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