I Want You: Venus in Pisces

Goddess Venus is sighing & dreaming in Pisces. Mars her lover and the ruler of the kingdom, Neptune are also in Pisces making our love lives as weird, complex & mysterious as the sea. It’s all quite enchanting and deeply thrilling. It’s also confusing, highly emotional and unpredictable.

This is a creative time if we surrender to the roll of the waves. The sea is infinitely great, it cannot be bound. Likewise, structuring our sensitivities is futile. Just float. Allow love to fill you, drown you and restore you to life.

Erotic dreaming, soulful yearning – this is Pisces in love. Pisces is the constellation of the infinite and unconscious. We want to idealise our love and lovers right now. Relationships that commence under these influences are based on fascinating charm, shimmering mystery & a gentle but pervasive sense of attraction.

With Mercury retrograde in Aquarius we want to be free to explore the “other” side of things. We must allow love to find its expression outside of conventional modes.

The Full Moon in Leo next week adds some warm, daylight reliability to all this romantic pining & mysterious impulse. Enjoy time with your beloved or conjure her from wherever she is now to where you want her to be through your dreaming and sighs.

♡♥♡ love ♡♥♡

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Image credit: Hylas and the Nymphs – J. W. Waterhouse

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