It’s Not You, It’s Me – Full Moon in Taurus

If it’s any comfort, you’re not the first person to feel this way and you won’t be the last. So says my Godmother. And though, at the time this kind of advice can make me cross – it always cures ambiguity about anything, especially love. Everywhere those formerly immune to Cupid are dropping love-drunk into passion and others seem to be waking up with a shock and sounding oddly – sensible, pragmatic and decidedly unromantic. Everything is on it’s head – as to be expected after 2 retrogrades that asked us to really look at relationships and 2 eclipses ( read more here) . It takes sometime for the upheavals of eclipse cycles to settle – this Full Moon just pour yourself into lushing out and leave the analysis for some other time…

Spring is in full swing and the Moon waxes to Full in Taurus on Tuesday. The moon is exalted in Taurus and when she is Full there she usually brings a wave of beautiful, sensual indulgence. Due to the current planetary tension (check out the red lines on the chart below!) the Taurus Full Moon brings you this message of wisdom: Settle into the warm springtime and do something to make your senses feel good. You can think it out, discuss, debate and justify at a later date. Focus on the sense experience of your body and give your head a rest – long enough to untangle the complex feelings from beliefs, illusions, ideas and ideology that have got nothing to do with what is actually going on for you.

Mars, Venus and Jupiter all in the same spot opposing Chiron in Pisces exposing the painful spots in our love relationships. Mars, Venus and Jupiter also bring an excess of love, desire and er…opportunity. Nothing is clear – it all seems to just point to the one sore spot. So you know what that means, you’d better apply first aid to yourself and worry about the details of who, how and why til some other time when you’re not leaking heart’s blood all over the place. It’s a classic case of “it’s not you, it’s me”… and really, it is all about you – which is a bit of a relief, really. You can always deal with yourself.

Really look and see – do these dramas / relationships / romances get in the way of me doing my thing? Am I derailing / being derailed by others? Yes/No answers are sufficient. Next, work out what you can do in the meantime or not do – to slow things down, until this whole phase blows over.  Sitting down is an option that fits with the Taurus, cow goddess energy of this month. Refuse to move, because you feel like it, and rest.

After all the recent retrograding (Venus, then Mercury in relationships Libra) and the 2 eclipses activating the same parts of the sky we could be forgiven for expecting a little break from the recent back, forth and round about again in our approach to love and relationships. Get to work implementing new routines with the stuff you have worked out and leave the ambiguities to sort themselves out. This is the wisdom of Virgo. If you don’t know what you want, at least you have definite ideas of what you don’t want. In this practi-clarity you might just be able to make space for  a little springtime excess with your eye always on the goal: get your work done, live the best life for you. Kiss people.

On a deeper level, Virgo is the sign of medicine and healing through wise action. You can heal the emotional wounds of longing for love, fear of abandonment, excessive romance or escapism that derails your health, routine or effective functioning in your day-job. The way you can make that real is to balance what you need on a practical level without giving up your highest ideals (Saturn square Neptune transit til 2016). See the spiritual and the material as a continuum of life and vitality. Observe which element you struggle with – you might be neglecting the dreaming, magical aspect of your life or letting vague feelings and longing interfere with the steady routines that bring structure and clarity.  Don’t work on the lovers, the friend, the partner – put that effort into your own happy and harmonious living. You can work on you.

Drag your feels, imagining, and reactions in alignment with what it is you actually want to do. If you don’t know what that is or you’re too tired, sprawl on the chaise, drink wine, eat chocolate and snuggle. The power of this cycle is significant for improving the level of comfort and pleasure in your life. It’s up to you what you want to do with it  – sometimes its important just to choose the most comfortable path; rest makes us opulent and fertile creatively, physically and spiritually.

Love Asha Maria

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