Jung & Astrology: Understanding the Psyche

“My studies in astrology are fascinating…I have come to the firm conclusion that at the moment of birth an individual takes on the characteristic state of the Universe for that moment in time.” C.G Jung

Jung has been a huge influence on my work. Astrology charts are maps of the psyche, when we understand the forces at play we turn complexes and habits into knowledge and strength. We all have blockages, parts of ourselves we cannot see. Through Jungian Astrology we face our shadow, our story and transform it. Whether you want to call it alchemy or empowerment the result is the same: deep and fundamental transformation of the psyche and your life.

Want to discover what your star chart reveals about your true nature? What kind of relationships work for you? Which career path will best express your talents (and pay the bills!)? Get in touch here, comment or email to book a session.

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