Libra Full Moon: Venus rules

It’s Retrograde April! Ah-ha lucky us! Bet you just FELT like more dissolving, deep soul work. Eesh… Jupiter and Neptune are held fast by the Two Malefics (Bad Guys) Saturn and Mars, unable to grace us with their gifts (or escapism in the case of Neptune). It’s not surprising you feel creativity, play, luck has dried up. Right now *feels* like the crunching of gears *sounds*. What remedy for this, then? Venus, in her strength exalted in Pisces & tomorrow’s Libra full Moon (ruled by Venus). And we’ll need to rely on her until these aspects break up in…some weeks time. Charm, sweeten – schmooze your way through frustrations. Indulge where you can, mindful of low cost pleasures vs. increasing your expenses chasing luxury you can’t really afford. No REALLY you can’t. If you over do it now, when Mars, Saturn & Jupiter turn direct in late July/early August you’ll be dealing with a lot of consequences. Ugh. I hate consequences. It’s not surprising there’s been a lot of sighing about having to work instead of play, complaints about all those mean responsibilities or going to tears over some minor conflict which you’d normally forge through, unfazed. Venus is all we’ve got to work with and she doesn’t like to work. She likes beauty, harmony, loveliness. Make as much of that as you can. Venus is right next to crazy maker Uranus, Lord of the Unexpected. Anything aspecting Uranus brings unexpected results – look at Venus and Libra in your birth chart for some clues as to how this is playing out. Because a full moon in Libra brings a longing for balance & harmony in our lives, Uranus’ strength means you can expect some sudden insights on that front. Unbalanced agreements always leads to disatisfaction and inevitable conflict. Find & affirm peace with your beloved thru a fair sharing of power & responsibilities. Consider how you get lost in each other and how that’s working out for you. Try and see your partner as they *ARE* not as you think they are (or should be). Full Moon blessings 💖 Asha

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